About us

Who is Bird Scientist?

The bird scientist speculates the composition of the bird species, their habitat, migration, and the distribution of the species, their distribution, their status, their status, their status, their status, their status, their origin, the bird’s embryology, the morphology , physiology, ecology, distribution, system, their significance, environmental impact, study of rare bird species, hunting of birds, poultry diseases and their causes is a researcher.

What we use?

The bird scientist uses his own biochemical and microbiological equipments to study bird fluids, telescopes, small radio signals (bird migration), high-quality photographic equipment, radio receivers, metabolites, and radioactive substances. .

What is our role?

  • Research on production and natural productivity from domestic and wild birds.
    Effectively prevent and protect avian-influenza diseases, conduct research, experiments and production measures.
    To plan, develop and recommend methodologies and technologies for implementing and implementing prevention and mitigation measures, and to monitor the progress and performance of poisonous and toxic effects.
    Organize seminars and workshops among local communities on the importance of birds in the fight against poisoning and insects on birds and forests.
    Determine the role of birds in combating forest, wild and cultivated plants and insects.
    Monitor contractual measures for protection of rare birds in greenfields, greenhouses, farms and green areas that are being used by citizens, economic entities and organizations, and monitor their implementation of the draft and monitor their performance.
    Identify the importance of birds in their respective territories, their composition, growth, development, survival, distribution and location stages at professional levels and develop appropriate techniques and technologies to combat them.
    Investigate the effects of birds on urban sanitation and pollution assessment
    In case of prevalence of poisoning and disturbance of the epidemic, perform the duty to report to the Aimag, capital city and Soum governor’s offices.