Black ale

The Milkus (Milvus migrans) is a medium-sized ravenous bird, with birds such as eagles and moons.

It is widely distributed in the Eurasian and Australian temperate and temperate regions, but not in the Indonesian islands and in Southeast Asia. Subspecies of Europe and Central Asia M. m. milvus and black ear M. m. The lineatus migrate to a warm winter in the winter. The warm ground, M. m. govinda (Paria ale), and M. m. of Australiaia. The affinis (Turtle-tailed) does not move.
Feed for diet

The blind is usually carnivorous and sometimes eaten by fish. They have learned to live in the villages and villages, and the population is highly concentrated. Sometimes there are some dead rodents on the road, and there are many crashes in the car and crashes.

They are smaller than the Red Eagles, and they are smaller in tail and dark tails. A nest in the tree close to other species.